Publikationen 2019

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Phenotypic and Genomic Analyses of Burkholderia stabilis Clinical Contamination, Switzerland
Seth-Smith HMB, Casanova C, Sommerstein R, Meinel DM, Abdelbary MMH, Blanc DS, Droz S, Führer U, Lienhard R, Lang C, Dubuis O, Schlegel M, Widmer A, Keller PM, Marschall J, Egli A.
Emerg Infect Dis. 2019 Jun;25(6):1084-1092. doi:[abstract] [Autors copy]

Behandlung der Streptokokken-Angina
Cand. med. Yaël Hofmanna*, cand. med. Hanna Bergera*, Dr. med. Bernhard Wingeierb, Dr. med. Benedikt
Huberc, Dr. med. Katja Boggiand, Dr. med. Henriette Hug-Batschelete, Dr. med. Claudia Rosamiliaf, Dr. med.
Philippe Mosimanng, Dr. med. et phil. Julia Bielickih, Dr. med. Lukas Horvathi, PD Dr. med. Michel-André
Hotzk, Dr. med. Andreas Dettwilerl, Dr. med. Pierino Avoledoe, Dr. med. Axel Rowedderm, PD Dr. med. Barbara
Hassen, Prof. Dr. med. Klara Posfay-Barbeo, PD Dr. med. Laurence Sennp, Prof. Dr. med. Philip Tarra
SWISS MEDICAL FORUM – SCHWEIZERISCHES MEDIZIN-FORUM 2019;19(29–30):481–488[abstract] [Autors copy]

Cross-Sectional and Cumulative Longitudinal Central Nervous System Penetration Effectiveness Scores Are Not Associated With Neurocognitive Impairment in a Well Treated Aging Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Positive Population in SwitzerlandSantos GMA, Locatelli I, Métral M, Calmy A, Lecompte TD, Nadin I, Hauser C, Cusini A, Hasse B, Kovari H, Tarr P, Stoeckle M, Fux C, Di Benedetto C, Schmid P, Darling KEA, Du Pasquier R, Cavassini M and the Neurocognitive Assessment in the Metabolic and Aging Cohort (NAMACO) Study Group Open Forum Infect Dis. 2019 Jul 8;6(7):ofz277. doi: 10.1093/ofid/ofz277[abstract] [Autors copy]

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