Most: electronic CRF

Date Issue Decision that hast been taken (red: Propositions, not decided yet)
30.5.07 Units

Enter units in the CRF exactly as they appear on your local lab form. Differences in units will have to be considered on a center by center level. Always use same laboratory (units) at the site.

30.5.07 Save Important note: You need to use the button "save" to save the CRF-entry. "Save and Verify" does NOT safe the information to the database. A description for the CRF entry can be downloaded here!
21.06.2007 Lab Urin will be mentioned as normal or abnormal, if abnormal values have to be filled in
21.06.2007 Lab Na/ Ka/ Lipase/ Amylase and Bilirubin won`t be determined and mentioned in the protocoll
12.07.2007 Med Please enter both agents in a medication combination
12.07.2007 Med Date entry: If day not known enter the 15; if month not known enter the 6