Publikationen 2005

Body fat changes among antiretroviral-naive patients on PI- and NNRTI-based HAART in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study
Jim Young, Martin Rickenbach, Rainer Weber, Hansjakob Furrer, Enos Bernasconi, Bernard Hirschel, Philip E. Tarr, Pietro Vernazza, Manuel Battegay, Heiner C. Bucher and the Swiss HIV Cohort Study
International Medical Press 2005 Feb; Antiviral Therapy 10:73-81

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Barriers to interferon-a therapy are higher in intravenous drug users than in other patients with acute hepatitis C*
Barbara Broers, Beat Helbling, Anne François, Patrick Schmid, Christian Chuard, Antoine Hadengue, Francesco Negro for the Swiss Association for the Study of the Liver (SASL 18)
Journal of Hepatology 2005 March; Volume 42, Issue 3, Pages 323-328

Interferon alpha-2a Plus Ribavirin 1,000/1,200 mg versus Interferon alpha-2a Plus Ribavirin 600 mg for Chronic Hepatitis C Infection in Patients on Opiate Maintenance Treatment: An Open-Label Randomized Multicenter Trial
M. Huber, R. Weber, R. Oppliger, P. Vernazza, P. Schmid, P. Schönbucher, B. Bertisch, D. Meili and E. L. Renner
Urban & Vogel GmbH (Infection) 2005 Feb; Volume 33, Number 1; Pages 25-29

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Modeling the Influence of APOC3, APOE, and TNF Polymorphisms on the Risk of Antiretroviral Therapy–Associated Lipid Disorders
Philip E. Tarr, Patrick Taffé, Gabriela Bleiber, Hansjakob Furrer, Margalida Rotger, Raquel Martinez, Bernard Hirschel, Manuel Battegay, Rainer Weber, Pietro Vernazza, Enos Bernasconi, Roger Darioli, Martin Rickenbach, Bruno Ledergerber, Amalio Telenti and the Swiss HIV Cohort Study
The Journal of Infectious Diseases 2005 May; 191:1419–26

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Adherence to antiretroviral therapy and its impact on clinical outcome in HIV-infected patients
N. M. Ferguson, C. A. Donnelly, J. Hooper, A. C. Ghani, C. Fraser, L. M. Bartley, R. A. Rode, P. Vernazza, D. Lapins, S. L. Mayer and R. M. Anderson
The Journal of the Royal Society (Interface) March 2005; ISSN: 1742-5689 (Paper) 1742-5662 (Online)

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Characteristics, determinants, and clinical relevance of CD4 T cell recovery to <500 cells/microL in HIV type 1-infected individuals receiving potent antiretroviral therapy
Kaufmann,G.R.; Furrer,H.; Ledergerber,B.; Perrin,L.; Opravil,M.; Vernazza,P.; Cavassini,M.; Bernasconi,E.; Rickenbach,M.; Hirschel,B.; Battegay,M.
Clin Infect Dis. Aug 2005; Vol. 41, Issue 3: 361-372

Unsafe sex and increased incidence of hepatitis C virus infection among HIV-infected men who have sex with men: the Swiss HIV Cohort Study
Rauch,A.; Rickenbach,M.; Weber,R.; Hirschel,B.; Tarr,P.E.; Bucher,H.C.; Vernazza,P.; Bernasconi,E.; Zinkernagel,A.S.; Evison,J.; Furrer,H.
Clin Infect Dis. Aug 2005; Vol. 41, Issue 3: 395-402

Starting or changing therapy – a prospective study exploring antiretroviral decision-making
Fehr,J.S.; Nicca,D.; Sendi,P.; Wolf,E.; Wagels,T.; Kiss,A.; Bregenzer,T.; Vernazza,P.; Jager,H.; Spirig,R.; Battegay,M.
Infection Aug 2005; Vol. 33, Issue 4: 249-256

HIV-1 p24 May Persist During Long-Term Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy, Increases Little During Short Treatment Breaks, and Its Rebound After Treatment Stop Correlates With CD4+ T Cell Loss
Schupbach,J.; Gunthard,H.; Joos,B.; Fischer,M.; Boni,J.; Tomasik,Z.; Yerly,S.; Perrin,L.; Battegay,M.; Furrer,H.; Vernazza,P.; Bernasconi,E.; Hirschel,B.
J.Acquir.Immune.Defic.Syndr. 2005 Nov; Vol. 40, Issue 3: 250-256

A randomized trial to evaluate lopinavir/ritonavir versus saquinavir/ritonavir in HIV-1-infected patients: the MaxCmin2 trial
Ulrik,B.D.; Jan,G.; Mike,Y.; Zoe,F.; Marcello,L.; Jorge,B.; Dushyantha,T.J.; Armin,R.; Johan,N.B.; Antonella,C.; Brian,G.; Sharon,W.; Andrew,H.; Lundgren,J.D.
Antivir.Ther. 2005; Vol. 10, Issue 6: 735-743

Myler’s side effects of drugs
Aronson (Ed.), Vernazza PL.
Antiviral drugs 2005

Dose-dependent influence of didanosine on immune recovery in HIV-infected patients treated with tenofovir
Karrer,U.; Ledergerber,B.; Furrer,H.; Elzi,L.; Battegay,M.; Cavassini,M.; Gayet-Ageron,A.; Hirschel,B.; Schmid,P.; Russotti,M.; Weber,R.; Speck,R.F.
AIDS Nov 2005; Vol. 19, Issue 17: 1987-1994